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  • Culture

    Company slogan: Save time, worry, and effort to help you effectively network marketing. Company goals: To create the first brand of domestic marketing software. Company aim: The interests of customers, employees' interests, to maximize the interests of shareholders, that maximize the value of the company; The interests of customers: the use of high-quality software, ...

  • Introduction

    Shanghai XX Catering Management Company Limited, was established in 1998 August, ten years consistent business entities to give priority to, main product Oh love certain seafood in Shanghai was rated as brand-name products, sensitive as well to the right. Is a foothold in Shanghai, to expand overseas and the national market, is committed to the development of Chinese fast food brand catering ma...

  • Allusion

    Legend, make crab soup is in the three kingdoms. Three Kingdoms period, Zhu Geliang got sick, think of First Lord Liu Bei at Soochow Shaoqin soon, Tuogu left Dongwu, Sun Shangxiang was forced to stay in the home of Sun Quan. Later, sun, Liu their emperor, the warring parties, the defeat of Liu Bei died Baidicheng. Lady sun news, Miss true feelings between husband and wife, pain, boarded the mou...

  • Characteristic

    With its particular materials, unique formula, the production of sophisticated, difficult to imitate and known for making procedure, only up to 33 road. Long robes crab soup stunts successor with "not out" Zuxun, which add to the mystery. The annual chrysanthemum yellow crab fat season, are on both sides of the Changjiang River to attract hundreds of thousands of diners to sinseong hoe. ...

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